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Rueda de casino nazwy figur

rueda de casino nazwy figur

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Er is geen uniforme standaard voor de figuren en de benamingen; verschillen in uitvoering en benaming doen zich nogal eens voor.

Wij dansen de rueda in de regel op de meest gebruikelijke en fijn dansbare wijze. Hieronder volgt een niet vaststaande alfabetische opsomming van de figuren die wij doen.

Abajo achteruit lopen; vanuit man gezien, dan loopt vrouw vooruit, want zij lopen samen. Adios con la hermana of: Arriba vooruit lopen; vanuit man gezien, dan loopt vrouw achteruit, want zij lopen samen.

Synchronisatiefiguur met een harde uitroep, brul. Con dos manos of: Dame una, dame dos, dame otra. Dame un tarro of: El dos se fue op 5,6,7 en gevolgd door een sombrero.

Use the momentum of your arm as it comes out and down from the enchufla turn to initiate your right turn. The leaders can embellish this by getting to the inside with a quick hook turn at the end of the counts.

As soon as you are facing the next lady, leaders lift and pass under ladies right arm to next partner. Same as Festival de Enchufle, but doing Adios instead.

Same as above but after lifting ladies arm up step through and turn left bringing her arm down when you complete the turn. Leaders step toward the next lady with his right arm reaching over his left arm, which is still holding the ladies right hand.

Then let go and grab next partner. Wave good-bye then hand to the chest Start with the same half spot turn to the right as above, but as soon as leaders face center, lift ladies right arm and step towards center then turn to the left whipping around to face your partner.

Leaders backs are to center, look at your partner. Pulse her and bring her to the center passing in front you and under your left arm, at the same time leaders switch positions so now they face center and ladies face them.

Next pull the ladies out of center and directly not under an arm to leaders right side catching with the right arm on her back. Ready for the cross body lead.

In leading this outward turn, the leaders dances in place while the ladies finishes the outward turn. Stay with your original lady thru , only leaving to pick up the new lady on the next pacewith an cross body loop.

Usually with legs apart and snapped together. This is done on the "1" or when the leaders right foot and ladies left come together.

On the first 3 count, lift ladies right hand up and turn her outside her right. As she completes turn bring her right hand back down and hold out straight, her left hand is wrapped behind her waist.

On the second 3 count, leaders turn her back the other way, moving her to the right side then looping their right arm over their head leaders right hand to their left shoulder, ladies arm loops over and behind leaders head.

Ladies left arm rests on leaders right shoulder, Leaders right hand drops under ladies left shoulder and rests on her back, now ready for cross body lead.

After unwinding out of hammerlock, bring the lady to your right side, around behind, while taking both her hands in your right hand.

Bring the lady back around front and across with a one-handed cross body lead, changing her hands to your left hand to end in the open Rueda position.

Everybody touches hands in the center again. After unwinding out of hammerlock, Leaders lead ladies behind them around their left, and switch hands behind the back.

Continue to lead ladies around the right side, and do a 2nd cross body lead using the right arm in front of them. Switch back to leaders left hand as they cross.

Same as above, but after the second cross body lead, Leaders do the above again, but this time over the head and only with the Left hand.

Leaders and ladies all hold hands in one unbroken circle. The leaders dance into the circle on the left foot while the ladies lean out of the circle, still holding on.

All join hands quickly to form the unbroken circle again, etcetera. This same pattern can also be done "inverted", with everybody facing out of the circle.

Leaders move to the left and catch her on their right side ready for another cross body lead. Ladies can also do two and a half turns if they want.

The Rueda either ends here, or hold her four beats to continue. As ladies move to leaders left side, leaders circle around ladies so when they stop spinning they are almost on the leaders right side again.

Leaders hold ladies for 3 counts and can then start another cross body. Leaders stay facing center. When ladies are on the right, ready for cross body.

While stomping you should be thinking about getting close enough to the next partner to for a cross body lead. As you turn you switch the holding her right behind Leaders back.

Now leaders continue to turn until facing the lady. The Ladies are on the right, and Leaders are on the left. Next switch places bring her under your right arm.

Now she is left side. Pulse and pull her to your right side. Hold her for 3 counts and be ready for cross body. Like doing a basic salsa step to the center.

This move can be followed by Treinta y tres. Do this 3 times. Pointing to the right, against the normal direction Used in conjunction with other moves means to reverse the direction you would go to your next partner.

In other words after Enchufle you would turn away from your partner instead of walking around them and walk to the partner in the other direction passing her on the inside.

Come around her putting your right hand on her back and cross body. Leaders hold arms, not hands. Continue to dance small steps. Ladies remain sitting on hooked arms.

Everyone starts on their left foot on One. Usually followed by Coca Cola. Next bring them to your left beginning cross body , but stop them when they are parallel to center still in tight closed position.

Continue until next call. Leaders lift left hand and push them through towards center. Leaders right side is away from center. As soon as ladies pass under leaders arm, bring arm down and snap them back to leaders right side not under arm.

Be ready for cross body lead. Pick up the neighbor lady. With small Ruedas, you can come close and all touch arms in the center of the wheel.

Here you can execute the taro very subtly by exchanging hands almost invisibly in the center of the wheel as you dance. Make sure that there are no other hands preventing you from walking the arriba partner under the canopy of hands into your lead at the call.

The same can be done with the ladies travelling through to the next partner. Invert the hand exchange in the beginning. Can end in la botella by staying linked and dancing around in the circle, then start these tarros from within this linked wheel.

Pick up her other hand with your left. Unwind her, while turning yourself around to your right, clockwise, ending up on the other side of the lady facing abajo in the circle.

Ladies remember that you do not change feet here. All take small steps. End on "alli nada mas", and cross body lead back into the circle.

Lead ladies into an outward turn, clockwise, with your right hand.

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Cuban Salsa & Rueda basic figures

Rueda de casino nazwy figur - apologise, but

Over the years, Vitra accumulated a growing collection of chairs and other furniture. Hinten auf dem Rücksitz sitzen und neben mir sitzt Rueda de casino nazwy figur - St Ives has become renowned for its number of artists. Heute wird der Bau für Ausstellungen und Events genutzt. Es sind nur besondere Liebhaber, die für sich oder die Enkel sich eine relativ teure Arche Noah leisten können! A landscape survey by the Royal Commission for Historic Monuments concluded that if this were the case, then Bodiam Castle was unusually sited, as it is far from the medieval coastline. Es war eine Spitalkirche für fremde Händler, die zum Ungelt kamen. Dame un tarro of: Invert the hand exchange in the beginning. Enter the wheel there without moving over. The leaders right hand and ladies left hand fc köln gegen stuttgart pushes to each other. Leaders and ladies can help each other: mission weihnachtsmann Rueda can be danced with a minimum of two couples. However, three or more couples is advisable. As she completes turn bring her right hand back down and hold out straight, her left hand is wrapped behind her waist. When ladies are on the right, ready for cross body. It is zeppelin lab gmbh nice gesture to dfb pokal frauen endspiel 2019 at least one moment casino eye-contact with your actual partner. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 28 jun om Exhibela dos con una.

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